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Kick starting Laila’s confidence

ACTRESS Laila Rouass is used to being in the spotlight with her career and as the fiancée of famous snooker player, Ronnie O’Sullivan.

It sounds glamorous, but when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin it’s not easy, and mother-of-one Laila hated looking at photos of herself.

 “I love my food and am a very health conscious person. I love going to the gym and have never really had a problem with my weight, but age and post-pregnancy meant I was feeling a lot heavier than I wanted to be.

“I was also feeling lethargic, had lots of colds and always felt so bloated.

“I know people may have looked at me and thought I was slim, but I didn’t feel good about myself and wanted that kick start.

 “That’s when I decided to turn to my friend Claire Goulding, who was a consultant for The 1:1 Diet. I liked the fact the products contain so many nutrients and minerals.

“I managed to lose just over a stone and I can really notice the difference – even my fingers have slimmed down.

 “After the four weeks it took me to lose weight, I went on holiday to Spain and Morocco. We love the food there and I’d normally put on about a stone, but I only put a few pounds back on, which I soon lost again.

“It was good knowing I could have that leeway and yet get back on Plan straightaway.

“I recently attended a training day to become an accredited Consultant. I’ve got one client so far and although it’s not something I’m doing to make a living out of, I want to help others benefit. A lot of friends have said they’re interested.

“It’s having that psychological support. I fell off the wagon once and had a glass of Prosecco. I rang Claire in a mad panic and she calmly said to me ‘it’s your choice whether you carry on or not’ or have that glass of Prosecco, stop and start again tomorrow.

“That kind of support I found really helpful and you won’t get it if you’re trying to diet on your own.

“Knowing Claire was always there for me, even when I rang her at 10pm, was brilliant.

“Being on Plan also hasn’t stopped my love of cooking, which was incredibly important.

“Ronnie and I are both really into cooking – he’s written a cookery book – and I like to feed my family. He’s from an Italian background and I am from a North African and Indian one and there’s lots of bread, which we’ve cut down on.

“Losing weight has given me the confidence to start the business I always dreamt of setting up.

“I’ve started a new company called where people can have the chance to win designer bags and shoes.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do since 2017. Now, with my weight loss, I have the confidence in myself and my ability to do TV and photo shoots.

“I don’t want to hide away from the limelight any more.”