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Kerstin doesn’t let lockdown get in her way of impressive weight loss

Kerstin Lumby, 41, is celebrating her continued weight loss over the past two months, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 situation.

The mum-of-six, who initially started The 1:1 Diet in 2019, has re-joined the Plan to reach her target weight during lockdown.

Kerstin said: “I initially started The 1:1 Diet last year and absolutely loved it! Not only did I lose the weight, but my ongoing knee pain started to cease, as weight had been the contributing factor.”

While lockdown might seem like an easy time for people to focus on their food and diet, Kerstin found had found it more difficult to stay focused on her health goals.

“You would think that with no social events in the diary, this would be the perfect chance to lose weight. However, with all the children now at home, we are baking and cooking more, as well as buying snacks and extra food to cater for all – there is way more temptation!

“I was concerned about how this was effecting my health, so I made the conscious decision to get back in touch with my Consultant, Amanda Horsman, for guidance.

“It has been amazing to have The 1:1 Diet to focus on during lockdown and it is completely different to all other diets I have done over the years. The diet ensures that my portion sizes are moderated with the help of meal replacement shakes, bars and soups, and it is so easy to follow!

“I have found the one-to-one support from Amanda to be crucial, whenever I need a helping hand or words of wisdom, she is always there to help.

“Despite the regulations around lockdown, it really hasn’t affected the level of support I’ve received, and couldn’t have asked for anything more.

“I’m now well on my way to my target weight, which is to lose another stone. I now feel motivated that I can do this, not just throughout lockdown, but even after.”

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