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Karen encourages others to take the plunge of becoming a Consultant

Karen Cree tells us why she decided to become a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet, and why she is still loving her job 13 years later!

Why did you become a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet?

“I became a Consultant in 2007, just after my son was born. I worked in the recruitment industry and wanted to change my lifestyle when I moved to Cornwall. I was previously on The 1:1 Diet and my Consultant, Jenni Sugrue, saw great potential in me - she became my Sponsor and offered me the opportunity to become a Consultant. It is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Did you always want to be your own boss?

“I’ve always worked hard and long hours, especially when working in recruitment, it was all I knew! When I became self-employed, I thought the role would be temporary until I found more traditional employment. However, after only six months it became clear that I had found my vocation in life and this was my new career.

“When you’re motivated and love the job you do, being your own boss is the best thing. Moving into my 13th year, I have an amazing work-life balance. I am a single parent to a boy of 13, own three dogs, and run a full-time business - all at the same time!

“I work my business hours around my hobbies, which keep me energised and motivated - I swim every day, practice yoga every other day, see around 40 clients per week, and still have time to relax and do fun things with my son. I manage to take time off for half term, summer and Christmas holidays, something you can’t always do when you’re not self-employed.”

Do you make a decent living out of this business?

“I have worked full time with The 1:1 Diet for 13 years, it is the only job I have and I am financially solely responsible for my son.

“We live by the sea in a beautiful village in Cornwall and have a lovely life. I’ve worked hard to build my reputation in the local area, as well as in Devon and outer-Cornwall. My drive to make my business successful is to make sure I can give my son a comfortable lifestyle.”

What are the key attributes that make you a successful Consultant?

“I’m very proactive, determined and passionate about what I do – it doesn’t feel like a job, it’s my vocation!

“I’m always thinking of new ideas to market the business and ensure that I have a consistent presence on social media. I make it my mission to help the individual get to their goals and even sponsor other people to help them to become their own boss.

“Flexibility is also key, and I will travel 50 miles to visit clients. I have an enormous amount of energy for what I do and because I love it, it never seems too much!”

How have you changed your business model during COVID-19?

“When the country went into lockdown back in March, like everyone else, I was very worried about my business and how my son and I would manage with me being self-employed.

“I embraced the situation and made the changes that The 1:1 Diet implemented, and I became a mobile Consultant. I would drop products to all my clients directly from early in the morning until late in the evening, and made sure I video called my clients at least once a week. I also created a WhatsApp group for all my dieters - the Lockdown Warriors - which started as a 30-day challenge but ended up lasting for four months. The slimmers in the group lost a combined 30 stone!

“I also sponsored five new local Consultants during lockdown, taking advantage of online training, as well as a lady in the Channel Islands, who had always wanted to become a Consultant but could never manage to come over to the mainland.

“The 1:1 Diet changed the way we could work and it was very positive for my business – it’s the best it’s ever been!”

What key challenges have you had to face during lockdown?

“The most challenging aspect of lockdown was having to leave my son while I went out to work. It is only the two of us at home and he is still young, but to make my business successful it was a decision that I had to make.

“My son helped me making up the orders and really enjoyed being a part of my day-to-day role.

“The 1:1 Diet is such a supportive company, and my dieters were so understanding if one of their usual products had to be swapped for another if I didn’t have them in stock.

“It was sometimes difficult to juggle so many mobile appointments as it took a lot of time being out in the car and driving between Devon and Cornwall. I’ve missed meeting up with my dieters and other Consultants in a group, but at least we had Zoom!

“Now that we’ve entered a second lockdown, I’m thinking of starting a second Lockdown Warriors group to help my slimmers get through this tricky time and help them to stay motivated in the run up to Christmas!

“I feel so blessed to be able to continue working with such an amazing company.”

What have been your career highlights at The 1:1 Diet?

“My career highlight was definitely when I won the Business Development Award at the annual convention in 2011, and also the amazing trip to New York!

What words of encouragement would you give anyone considering a career change at the moment?

“Keep an open mind and to think outside the box – don’t be scared!

“If someone offers you an opportunity, always say yes because it could be the best thing you’ve ever done. Create a positive attitude and energy for your business and it will be what you want it to be.”

What do you think the future holds for your business?

“I believe the future for my business is very positive. Obesity, health and general wellbeing are so important in this country and I think we have positive times ahead. The 1:1 Diet Consultants play such a pivotal role in influencing people’s health.”

What are your top three tips for being a successful Consultant?

“Have a clear vision and energy about what you are working towards, be accountable to someone else in the business to help encourage and build self-confidence (this could be another Consultant you are friendly with). I would also recommend remaining proactive and to keep asking questions – give yourself permission to be happy.”

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