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Isik needs a whole new wardrobe after losing four stone

One downside of losing four stone in weight in lockdown for Isik Hassan was being unable to go shopping for a new wardrobe.

Isik, 51, a plumber and gas engineer had seen his weight slowly creep up over the years until finally it hit 18 stone and he knew he needed help.

His job meant he was constantly bending down to fix all sorts of things and this wasn’t helping with his chronic joint and knee pain.

Isik said: “I’d noticed that my sister, had lost a lot of weight recently and I asked how she’d managed to achieve this. She mentioned The 1:1 Diet so I decided to go online and search for my nearest weight-loss Consultant.

“Mandy King’s name immediately popped up and after a chat with my wife, Sarah, we both decided we needed to change our lifestyle and seriously think about our ongoing health.

“Mandy’s support throughout lockdown has been amazing. She’s been with me all the way and has been a great mentor. I even joined her WhatsApp group called Mandy’s Losers which has really helped me when coronavirus hit and we couldn’t have face-to-face meetings any more. The group chats helped and seeing my success on the scales motivated me to keep going.

“I’m amazed by how easy the Plan was to stick to. I started on Step 2 and I’m now on Step 3. I must say as weight loss meal replacements go, they are delicious. My goal was to get to 15 stone, but I’m now 14 stone four pounds and my BMI has also gone down from 35.28 which put me into the obese bracket to a healthy 28.

“The only downside is that I can’t fit into any of my clothes as I was a size XXL and now I’m a medium. I’m having to wear my son’s clothes, as I need to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe which is impossible at the moment. My children think I look really funny rather like a 90s skater boy.” 

“The most important thing though is I’m now fitter and healthier than I’ve been in a long time and I’m pain-free as well. I can bend down easily without experiencing pain when working which is a great relief.

“I’m also making sure that I keep moving and I’m still on Plan with Mandy to help maintain my weight loss.

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