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Sister Duo Loses More Than 6 Stone!

Sisters Clare and Amanda O’Neill were in it together with their weight loss journey.

Amanda had a lightbulb moment back in August 2020 when she found out a recent smear test had showed up more abnormal cells and she was facing a hysterectomy. Amanda already had to take a cocktail of medication for another condition, myasthenia gravis, and knew she needed to be healthy if she was facing such a big operation.

That was when she told her sister Clare that she wanted to lose weight and discovered that Clare had also embarked on her own weight loss journey after suffering from post-natal depression and piling on the pounds.

Clare says “My weight had really affected my relationships with my partner and children. I didn’t want to go anywhere nice with my partner because of the struggle to find anything to fit me. I couldn’t play with my children the way a mum should.

“Finally, I want to lose weight became I need to lose weight and I found my Consultant. I had lost a stone when Amanda told me she wanted to lose weight too. She got in contact with my Consultant, and we dropped the pounds together as sisters. Nobody knew we were on this journey except my partner and of course our supportive Consultant.

Amanda was so happy to share her weight loss journey with her sister.

She said “This is the best thing I have ever done for me and my son. Having my sister alongside me on this journey has been a great support and encouragement.

“The difference it has made in my life is incredible. Since losing the weight I have been back for another smear to find out the abnormalities have improved, and I’ve been discharged from the hospital. I have also halved my medication for myasthenia gravis. 

“I feel so much stronger and have so much more energy. I never realised how much my weight physically drained me. I would avoid pictures or hide behind people. I am now able to have my picture taken without hating the way I look. 

Clare agrees “When I tell you my life has changed, it honestly has. I have that up and go feeling, wanting to go and play with my children in the park, going out to see my friends. Myself and my partner have probably had the best couple of months in our relationship because I have felt sexy, confident and proud. 

“I have been getting out of my comfort zone and going places I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to this time last year. I no longer cry in changing rooms. I no longer nag my partner with long conversations about how I will lose weight. Everything is much more positive. Because I feel as good as I do, I look at things in a totally different light. 

“Amanda and I have supported each other on our own journeys, it’s changed both our lives! We now tell everyone who will listen about The 1:1 Diet. I’m looking forward to a happier healthy life with my family.”

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