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Healthy Lunch Ideas

As we begin to get back to normal, with COVID-19 restrictions easing and lockdown coming to an end, some of us will be returning to our ‘pre-COVID-19’ routine. Whether that’s going into the office more, or filling your days with lots of social events. Even though it’s exciting to be getting some sense of normality back, you might be one of the many who are worrying about how to stay on track as your days become busier. Breakfast and dinner are often the easier meals to control, but when it comes to lunch, how can you stay on Plan or fit in a healthy low-calorie meal? Do not fear, The 1:1 Diet is here!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight on Step 1, or maintaining your weight on Step 6, here are some healthy lunch ideas for work or when you’re out and about:

Step 1 (calories vary depending on Step 1a and 1b)

Chocolate Chewy Bar – The 1:1 Diet Chocolate Chewy Bar is the perfect lunch if you’re out and about. It is easy to pop in your bag, ready to satisfy your lunchtime cravings! What could be better than a low-calorie chocolate bar?

Step 2 (800 kcal in total per day)

Veggie Chilli & Potato Wedges Step Up Meal®– this filling and nutritious dish is great to keep you going while in the office. Just pop in the microwave and you’re good to go.

Step 3 (1000 kcal in total per day)

Sushi Rice Salad Bowl – if you have a spare 30 minutes in the morning or the night before, then this tasty low-calorie Sushi Rice Salad Bowl is a great summer lunch. 

Step 4 (1,200 kcal in total per day)

Chilli Chickpea Fritters with Green Herby Dip and Salted Caramel Flavour Bites – Lunch and a dessert? Sounds like the perfect combination to us! These simple and quick vegetarian Fritters are a great everyday lunch, and the Bites are sure to combat any chocolate craving. 

Step 5 (1,500 kcal per day)

Spaghetti Carbonara product hack – Who doesn’t love a Carbonara? The best thing about this super tasty recipe is it’s only 400kcal and can be enjoyed on Step 5.

Step 6 (maintaining your weight)

Step 6 is focused on maintenance, so there’s more variety of meals you can eat. We always recommend keeping a Bar or a pack of Bites handy, so you always have something to hand if you need it.


Here are some low-calorie, healthy lunch ideas for our maintenance Step 6:

Smoked Salmon and Herb Tortilla Wedges

Cloud Bread 

Croque Monsieur Toasties

Really Green Falafels with Low-Fat Hummus

Check out our recipe page for more delicious recipes for you to try!

For more information regarding the Steps and to start your weight-loss transformation, chat to a friendly Consultant today!