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Gemma wins gold after losing more than four stone

Life Changer winner Gemma Mortimer is now running half marathons after losing more than four stone with The 1:1 Diet.

And the 39-year-old mum-of-two says going on Plan is the best thing she has ever done.

“Going on The 1:1 Diet and finding my Consultant, Jane Jackson, is the best thing I’ve done by far,” said Gemma, who has lost 4st 2lbs and gone from a size 16 to six on Plan.

“Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve found my love for running again. I’ve gone from hardly being able to run at all when I first started seeing Jane, to be able to run three 12Ks a week and won 13 medals for it in the first lockdown!”

Gemma’s battle with her weight first began when she was 17 and lost her mum. Years of yo-yo dieting followed, but the weight really piled on when she moved home with her husband and their two young children.

“My husband had secured a new job and we moved to a location where I knew no one. I was a stay- at-home mum, so I didn’t care what I looked like. As far as I was concerned, I came last in my list of priorities.

“I developed some really bad eating habits, snacking during the day on chocolate and biscuits simply out of boredom, while my daughter was at pre-school and my son was napping. I was picking bits off the kids plates and my food portions rivalled my husband’s.”

In 2019, Gemma’s father died after a short illness.

“Travelling between two locations during his illness, I was living off energy drinks and my weight piled on,” she said. “When he died, I used food to comfort me. He was a big part of my family and his death left a big hole in our lives.”

The turning point in Gemma’s weight loss journey came when she saw a picture of herself.

“The final straw came when my husband took a photograph of me on a swing in the park and I was horrified. It ruined a lovely family photo.

“I had completely lost myself and was just functioning through day to day life. I didn’t recognise who I was any more. Then, by chance, I got chatting to a lady at my daughter’s pre-school and she mentioned how fantastic The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan was and gave me her Consultant’s details.”

Gemma hasn’t looked back since, starting on Step 1a and then working through the Steps with Jane’s constant one-to-one support.

“I’m now successfully maintaining my weight and make sure I keep a close eye on how much I eat. I drink four litres of water a day and can honestly say I cannot imagine my life differently now.”

And Gemma has now got her eye on a new goal - running a marathon.

“30K is the furthest I’ve run so far and I now want to run a marathon by my 40th birthday,” she said.

Although, since losing weight with The 1:1 Diet, she looks years younger and puts that down to a rise in energy levels and the water she drinks.

“My skin and hair look so much better. I had a very funny experience the other day when I was ID-ed trying to buy a Lottery ticket!”

Go Gemma!

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