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Fit for anything

Dan Gallop, who lives in Manchester, is father to two-year-old son, Ollie, and a keen fitness fanatic since losing weight with The 1: 1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

General manager Dan struggled to keep up with his young son before losing weight. Now he’s carrying his little boy on his back up mountains in training for the three peaks challenge.

“I couldn’t do anything before and had really let myself go,” said Dan. “I had tried other diet plans for men before and spent hundreds of pounds on weight loss shakes which sat in my cupboard, because they didn’t appeal to me at every meal.

“What I like about The 1:1 Diet is I don’t have to choose what to eat and it’s not all meal replacement shakes, which I don’t want for breakfast. Plus, my Consultant Darren was always on my case with daily updates and seeing him every week gave me moral support.

“Losing weight has boosted my confidence so much - I feel more comfortable with how I look now.

His new look has made Dan unrecognisable to his customers . . . and friends.

 “I’ve had customers come in asking for Dan. When I tell them ‘I am Dan’ they say, ‘no we mean the bigger guy’. They can’t believe it’s me!”

Welsh-born Dan was originally set to climb Scarfell Pike in the Lake District, along with Snowdonia in Wales and Ben Nevis in Scotland in aid of three different charities – The British Heart Foundation, Nightingale House and Macmillan. Unfortunately, Dan had a setback when he discovered a blood clot in his leg.

“I woke up with pins and needles in my foot which didn’t go away. Before I knew it, I was being rushed to hospital and treated for three blood clots in my leg. I then spent three months using a walking stick to help me walk.”

Dan’s ill health hasn’t put him off. He’s now back fighting fit and ready to take on the challenge this summer.

“I’m now even more determined to complete the challenge for these three charities close to my heart. We have also just welcomed a five-week-old baby girl into the world, I’m looking forward to making myself and my growing family proud.”

If you found Dan’s story a weight loss inspiration, why not find a Consultant to starting your own weight loss success story!