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Festive tips to help you stay on track

The festive season is a difficult time when dieting – there are so many temptations and seasonal treats on offer that it’s hard to resist over-indulging sometimes. Just relax and follow our easy guide to a light Christmas, so you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

Here are our top tips for staying on track over Christmas:

  • Shop carefully – avoid special offers on high-calorie food items, no matter how tempting.
  • Check the labels before buying – many popular Christmas treats are loaded with fat and calories.
  • Plan your menus carefully well ahead of Christmas – include low-fat foods and cooking methods that you and your family will enjoy.
  • Don’t have anything in the fridge or store-cupboard that you don’t need for the week ahead.
  • Do your Christmas food shopping list in advance…and stick to it! Or to avoid those last minute buys completely, do your food shopping online.
  • Get in lots of fresh vegetables – they will help you feel full and can work as healthy snacks!
  • Don’t pick at bowls of nuts and crisps – you can consume a lot of calories through continuous nibbling (just 10 peanuts add up to a staggering 59kcal and 5g fat!).
  • Watch what you drink! Alcohol is high in sugar and has nearly as many kcal as fat, so make a white wine last longer by adding sparkling or soda water, and alternate alcoholic drinks with diet soft drinks.
  • Avoid after-dinner drinks: sweet and creamy liqueurs, such as Baileys, dessert wines and fortified wine (Port, Madeira and sherry).
  • Watch your portion sizes – use a smaller plate to avoid overeating.
  • Stay active over Christmas to burn some of those extra calories. Get out in the fresh air for lots of walks or bike rides.

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