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Emily lost three stone during lockdown and now has bundles of energy

Lockdown Slimdown Award winner Emily Trickey lost three stone during the first wave of the pandemic and used her savings to go on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

30-year-old Emily lost weight so she could keep up with her energetic son, who was nicknamed monkey boy for his climbing abilities.

“Deciding to go on Plan during lockdown and having Liza Harding-Buck as my Consultant, supporting me every step of the way, was the best decision I’ve ever made,” said Emily.  

“Even though home was a battle ground, being on Plan gave me the focus I needed to deal with the daily challenges. And although to some it’s only three stone,to me it’s changed everything.”

Emily’s weight became an issue to her when her autistic son’s behaviour deteriorated.

He was constantly in trouble at school and our neighbours named him monkey boy, as he used to run away and shimmy up lampposts or we’d find him on the top of buildings.

“I was pretty sure there was something wrong with him, but his school refused to support me and made me feel like I was a bad mother.”

Hairdresser Emily would cut clients’ hair in the evenings to give herself a break from the relentless challenges at home with her son.

“His behaviour left me feeling both physically and mentally exhausted. As a result, I ended up eating and drinking as a coping mechanism.”

Emily would be invited out with friends, but couldn’t face going. She’d stopped caring about how she looked.

After her nan was taken into a care home, and her auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time, Emily felt life couldn’t throw anything else at her. But then COVID-19 hit.

“Lockdown was my worst nightmare,” she said. “Both my partner and I are self-employed, so we couldn’t work and were left with two under-eight children to home school.

“I’m severely dyslexic, so the thought of having to help two children with school work sent my anxiety sky high. We had no income; I couldn’t take my grandad to see my nan and I wasn’t able to support my auntie. I was at my lowest point.

“My skin was awful, none of my clothes fitted and I was out of breath.”

Emily’s partner knew she was at breaking point so they used their savings to pay for her to go on The 1:1 Diet.

“Despite my son refusing to do any school work, and turning the house into a battleground, I felt better able to cope. I started on Step 2 and, as the weight dropped off, I became stronger and found the strength to fight back and get the support we needed.

“Liza was with me every step of the way and without her I don’t think I would have made it through.

“The week before I hit goal, I was finally vindicated and my son was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD and we managed to get the full educational support he needed. No more monkey boy!”