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Dynamic duo win The 1:1 Diet Award

The one-to-one support Michelle Harrison gave dieter Babs Konana was crucial to her successful weight loss and it’s given them a lifelong friendship in the process.

SOUTH African born Babalwa (Babs) Konana never had a weight issue growing up. She was so thin she actively tried to gain weight.

“When l was growing l was very thin and l was often teased for it,” said Babs, who lives in Birmingham. “In my culture, when you have food in the house and have a happy life, this should show on your body but mine did not. When l went into nursing, I remember one of my aunties asking me if l was working yet and l said ‘yes’. She said ‘oh it doesn’t show on you and walked off’. I started doing everything in my power to gain weight.”

Babs was happy when she finally started putting weight on after having her family and getting married.

“I was happy putting weight on, eating what I liked when I liked. Before l realised it, l was obese. l had become unhealthy and put myself at risk with all the health issues linked to obesity. I tried different diets but always put the weight back on.”

Her turning point came when she was returning home.

“In 2019, l was on flight back home to South Africa for our usual summer holidays and l was at my heaviest. I was so humiliated when l had to ask the flight attendant for a seatbelt extension. I knew l had to do something.”

It wasn’t until April 2021 that Babs finally did something about her weight.

“l took my then 10-year-old daughter to our local park to play. I did my usual routine of sitting in the car while she plays because I couldn’t keep up with her. l spotted a car advertising The 1:1 Diet, it was Consultant, Michelle Harrison’s car.

“I took the phone number knowing l would probably delete it later. I got home and thought just give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Before l knew it, l was booked to go to her house that Thursday morning. It has been a very emotional ride and her support has been amazing. Michelle has been so supportive and positive in times when l felt like giving up.”

Babs has become a real fan of The 1:1 Diet Plan.

“I like routine and discipline that the Plan gives you. I am that annoying person who orders the same thing every week so the Plan was perfect for me.

“As my weight started dropping, l had the energy to exercise which l never had before. I bought some skipping ropes for myself and my daughter. We routinely skipped in our back garden together. As l gained confidence and strength, I even started running! I now run every other day and my times are getting better every single week. I was so happy when l had to bin my size 20 work uniforms and order my size 12.”

Michelle has been Consultant for a few years. She bonded with Babs over the healthcare industry they both work in.

Michelle said: “I believe people come into your life for a reason. I can’t express how proud I am of Babs. As the weeks went on I could see that Babs was very driven and she got the bug for being on Plan.

“I can’t believe we’ve won this award. It’s fantastic!”