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Dynamic duo Beth and Bex turn their lives around

Couple Beth Rocha and Bex Topping are celebrating in style after an incredible combined weight loss journey with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, resulting in them being shortlisted for the In It Together category at the 2019 Slimmer Awards.

Bex: “I relayed the doctor’s words of advice and sat down to watch. Inspired by this, I was keen to contact a consultant and did so the very same evening.”

“Our local consultant, Genine Herdman-Smith, was a bubble of positivity and so infectious that our initial meeting was incredibly easy. From that moment I was determined I would succeed on the diet, and despite Beth’s reservations she agreed to start the journey with me for moral support.”

Beth: “For me, being classed as morbidly obese triggered numerous insecurities. I didn’t want to be seen as the big woman in Lycra and started to lose the hobbies which used to bring me enjoyment.

“Clothes shopping was a no go as I struggled to find size 22 in high street shops, and I would always avoid the changing rooms. The mirrors around me were a stark reminder of where I had got to, and it wasn’t until recently I realised that not going shopping was my subconscious way of dealing with it.”

Beth: “We were worried ahead of the first weigh-in, which soon crept up, but I had managed to lose nine pounds, and Bex was also thrilled with her results. Months two and three went by and the weight continued to drop off – I was sleeping better than I had for years.”

Bex: “Looking at old pictures of us together really hits home with just how far we’ve come, not only with the weight loss, but the lifestyle changes, increased confidence, feeling of wellbeing and our general happiness. It’s like we are completely new people and we have a much better future ahead of us.”

“Beth is now really enjoying her job and I have just gone back to university to study Health and Nutrition, it really makes a difference when you’re learning about something you are passionate about.”