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Dieter story: Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson said “Yes to the dress!”

Getting married can be a stressful process, but when you’ve put yourself under pressure to lose a certain amount of weight for your big day, then that piles on even more strain.

Add to that being filmed in the process, and you can see why The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan slimmer-turned-Consultant, Laura Jackson (nee Heathcote) was determined to find the perfect wedding dress diet and reach her goal weight in time to marry Dylan.

Laura, 29, of Congleton, Cheshire, took part in TLC’s hugely popular TV series, Say Yes to the Dress, which receives an average 14 million viewers per episode…not to mention those watching it in Australia and the USA too.

Here, mother-of-four Laura, tells us why she said “yes to the dress” and about her weight-loss journey…

“I have four children: William, nine, Gabriella, eight, and Elodie, four, from my first marriage and Mila, who is one, with Dylan.

“Being a mum meant I was always busy and I used to comfort eat all the time. I would reward myself with food, especially chocolate. I was depressed being the size I was.

“I found my The 1:1 Diet Consultant Josie Heath-Smith before I had my youngest child.

“I went back on Plan six months after the birth of Mila and went on Sole Source to begin with. I had lost six stone by my wedding and now have lost almost seven.

“When we were filmed, my fiancé, Dylan, who is now my husband, was with me because I knew he would choose the right dress for me. He knew me at my biggest and has always been so supportive. And I’m not superstitious at all.

“They filmed me with The 1:1 Diet ribbon around my waist and I talked about the diet.

“They put me in lots of tight ones and I was adamant I wasn’t going to try any to begin with, because I saw myself still as bigger than I really was. You could have put me in a bin bag and I would have thought that was best. But I trusted Dylan and was thrilled when I did ‘say yes to the dress’.

“When I found out I was going to be in the celebrity episode featuring Olivia Buckland, I couldn’t believe it! And I have spoken to her about it as we both have to tweet regularly throughout the show when it is first shown on Friday night.

“They came to film our wedding too, which was on 7th April. It was a fantastic day, even though we had a cake disaster when the whole thing collapsed!

“I feel wonderful now I have lost so much weight and my self-esteem is sky high.”

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress diet like Laura? Contact a Consultant today, they’ll be your personal weight loss coach every step of the way!