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Dieter Stories: Lucy Sillitoe

Lucy Sillitoe was shortlisted in the Family Champion category of our Slimmer Awards and talks about how a fashion bracelet not fitting her wrist was the motivation she needed to lose weight…

“During 2016, my eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder while we were living in America. Food and over-eating was my way of coping with his meltdowns and behavioural issues, coupled with the huge portions offered in the States.

“We returned to England in August 2016 and the looks from friends and family, some who hadn’t seen me for three years, were soul-destroying. I had put on three stone while we were living in the US, taking me to almost six stone overweight and a size 20. I felt so miserable and just wanted to be invisible.

“During this time, my son’s behaviour was also becoming increasingly stressful; he was then referred for an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis while adjusting to a new school and country. I ended up eating more and more as my coping mechanism, but ultimately becoming more miserable and eventually being diagnosed with depression.

“To cheer myself up I would look at fashion bloggers on Instagram and fantasise about wearing the clothes and outfits. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, although I always felt I had to cover up and not wear what I really wanted. I would try and wear current trends but felt so uncomfortable and my confidence was at an all-time low.

“The ‘crunch’ point came for me when I ordered a wrap bracelet I had seen a fashion blogger wearing. It arrived and didn’t even fasten around my wrist! It crushed me. That week I made an appointment with a Consultant and have never looked back.

“I completed my entire journey on Step 2 as I have endometriosis, a painful womb condition. After a few days I could tell I was less bloated, getting more energy and not feeling as hungry. I lost 10lbs in my first week, which was the motivation I needed to carry on and each week yielded a new loss and I started to see a ‘new me’ emerge.

“I felt like being in control of my eating and doing something just for me was the most empowering thing.

“Life has changed so much. I’m a stronger person both physically, mentally and emotionally, and feel much better equipped to deal with the daily issues we have from my ASD son.

“Reactions from friends and family have been amazing and I even felt brave enough to post some fashion photos on Instagram. The The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan Facebook and Instagram community has been a great support too and really helped to motivate me. My Consultant, Jenny Pegler, has been there every step of the way. I always joke that she is my therapist too.

“Now when I do need cheering up I’d rather buy a new outfit . . . and yes, the bracelet now fits!”

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