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Dieter stories: Lee Dennison

As family man Lee Dennison’s brood got larger, so did he. Until he fought the flab and won…

“I decided to lose weight for a happier lifestyle. I am a dad to five girls, aged from one to nine.  I love taking them out and doing activities, but at 23 stone, even simple things such as teaching them to ride a bike, had me out of breath. I knew I had to do something about my weight.

"I had a great life, a good job, and a fantastic family, but not being able to take part in things that they enjoy was soul destroying.  The kids would always ask to go swimming but I didn't like going and chasing them around wasn't the only problem. I didn't want to be exposed in the swimming pool, as I was embarrassed about my weight. I didn't want my weight issues to affect my girl's childhood anymore.

"I heard about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan from my wife's friend. She was visiting at the time and asked if she could use the kettle to make her lunch, which was a The 1:1 Diet Product. She told me all about the diet and how it helped her. At this point, I had already lost some weight by eating healthier, but it was a very slow process and I didn’t notice any results. I got in contact with my Consultant in December 2017 and asked to start on the first day of 2018. I've never looked back since.

"I’m quite strict on myself and when I say I'm going to do something I do it.  That's the greatest thing about this diet. You know exactly what you have to do and it’s so easy to follow. If I had any concerns, I just asked my Consultant. The support is great. I had all the information I needed in my starter pack and my Consultant, Mila, was there for me whenever I needed her. I found lots of help and moral support on social media too.

“Since losing weight, I've never felt better. Firstly, I can shop for clothes wherever I want. This is something that frustrated me so much before I lost weight. I'm also a lot fitter now. I took part in Tough Mudder last year, which would have been impossible before. I've even signed myself up to take part in a white collar boxing match for charity later this year.

Most importantly it's changed my family life too. The girls love the fact I'm always ready to go to the park after work. We go for long walks around the lakes and parks all the time now. They are good at keeping me on track. I'm never allowed to steal their ice cream, they say ‘no daddy, you're on a diet'

The 1:1 Diet worked for me and if you're looking to lose weight I would strongly recommend it. If you are lucky enough to have a Consultant like I did, you will succeed."