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Dieter Stories: Keeley Kenzie

Big cheers to Keeley Kenzie!

She is a multi-award winning independent Consultant and has not only gained her independence back, but she’s now more confident than ever . . . 

Keeley Kenzie, from Saffron Walden in Essex, is now living her best life around her two young sons. She has a flexible lifestyle, which she never would have dreamt of, and it’s all thanks to The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Keeley's weight-loss success story

Let’s hear about her amazing weight loss success story, from slimmer to successful Consultant, and why she lives and breathes The 1:1 Diet Plan…

“I had always been chubby since I was about five and tried every diet going. It was 10 years ago when I was 13 stone, which is big for my height. I tried a particular diet as a final resort, but it didn’t work and I didn’t like the products.

“The following year, my weight had crept up to 14st 4lbs and my now ex-husband offered to pay for me to go back on this diet. But I’d heard about someone successfully trying The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and decided to try that instead.

“I followed Sole Source 100 per cent and lost four stone in 12 weeks. Job done. I was focused because we were going on holiday with another couple and I didn’t want to be the fat girlfriend.

“When I had my two sons, Teddy, who is now six, and Buddy, who is five, I put on more weight – going up to 18 stone with Buddy. Rob and I married when I was pregnant with Teddy, so I didn’t have to lose the weight.

“It got to the stage where I only had five clients and didn’t want any more because of my weight. When Buddy was one-and-a-half, Rob and I separated. We’d both been unhappy in the relationship and, although my boys are my world, I felt I’d lost myself.

“In July 2013, I went back on Plan and was so determined. I started building my business back up and networking!

“By June 2014, I had 15 clients, opened a town centre office in Saffron Walden and got to my goal weight of 8st 10lbs.

“The beauty of being a Consultant, for me, is I can still be a full-time mum to my boys and go on school trips with them, take them to Center Parcs and hear them read every week in school.

“I believe in myself and am proud of what I have achieved.”

So what is Keeley’s secret to becoming a multi-award winning Consultant? 

Here’s what she spilled: 

“Two conventions ago I was 75th in the top 100 and came away thinking what can I do to be in top 50? Answer: more clients.

“I opened my second premises in 2016 in Haverhill, Suffolk, and Jenny Overington, who is one of my most successful dieters having lost 10 stone herself, runs that.

 “I always wear my uniform and have a The 1:1 Diet decal on my car, which I deliberately park in the town centre car park so people see it.”

What are you waiting for?

To create your own weight-loss success story and become your own boss, contact a Consultant today! 


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