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Dieter Stories: Donna Brennan

“I never had a problem with my weight until the birth of my last two children. I went from a comfortable size 12 to a size 16. I’d never been that big before and it knocked my confidence. The weight really showed on my face and around my stomach. I kept putting it down to baby weight, but that was just an excuse. 

“When my size 16 clothes started to get too tight, I realised I was only going to get bigger unless I did something about it. I was determined I wasn’t going to buy a size 18. 

“I knew Victoria Moss and her sister. I’d seen their weight-loss journeys on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and was impressed at what they had achieved and, most importantly, that they had maintained their weight losses. I wondered if Victoria could help me. I had tried other diets before, but they didn’t work for me, or fit in with my lifestyle. 

“I have an extremely busy life, being mum to four sons, as well as working two jobs. I needed something which was going to fit in with my lifestyle. I found being on Plan quite easy. The products meant I didn’t need to think or plan ahead. 

“The one-to-one support was key for me. Victoria was on the journey with me and always there to pick me up if I had a down day. I looked forward to my weekly weigh-ins and watching the numbers disappear from the scales. 

Getting to Goal 

“I felt completely amazing when I reached my goal weight. I didn’t know if I would ever get back to being a size 10, not after having four children. I reached my goal in June 2018 and I’ve been maintaining that weight ever since. Looking back I was really greedy with my portions, but now I use smaller bowls and plates to keep my portions at the right amount. I have a healthy balanced diet and it’s working. I no longer get takeaways, I’d rather make my own food. 

“It’s important that my children see me eating healthily, and now I do, I can ensure they eat healthily too. My children tell me I look beautiful most days. They love the fact I’m confident and can get involved with everything they love to do from swimming to jumping on the trampoline. 

“My confidence is back and it’s here to stay. I love being able to shop online. I couldn’t do that as a size 16 because the clothes would never fit. I get so many positive comments since my weight loss. I get told I’m looking younger with age and people are amazed I look this good having four children. 

“I feel like a young fit mum, and that’s exactly what I am!”

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