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Debbie Taylor is 7 Stone Lighter thanks to The 1:1 Diet

Shortlisted Family Champion slimmer Debbie Taylor used to wear flip flops for most of the year because, that way, she didn’t have to worry about fastening up shoes.

Now the 47-year-old glamorous granny from Inverness, Scotland, is now living her best life and able to go clothes shopping with confidence, having lost an amazing seven stone one pound with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

“I would plan my outfit around what shoes I could wear with it, not for fashion, but what I could tie,” she recalled. “I wore flip flops from March to September as you didn’t need to worry about tying or zipping them up.

“Clothes shopping was terrible. It was like being tortured everywhere I went. I would order online . . . it wouldn’t fit, but I was too ashamed to send it back.

“Now I am now seven stone lighter and having the best time!”

Debbie was a comfort eater who’d battled her weight for years before finding The 1:1 Diet.

“I was topping the scales at 19st seven pounds and utterly miserable. I was a mum to four girls and granny to five little ones, but I felt like a failure.

“I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to do as a granny. I’d had my kids young and always dreamed of being the young, fun granny, but I had reached a weight where it was not possible.

“I could hardly walk the length of myself let alone climb trees, go swimming, bouncing on the trampoline and being the best I could be for them.

“The shame was all-consuming! My youngest daughter would paint my toenails for me as this was something else I could no longer do for myself and my failings continued.”

Debbie’s turning point came in March 2020 when she was babysitting for her grandchildren.

“I was on the floor with my grandkids when my grandson fell of the sofa and hurt himself,” she said. “I could not get up, reach or comfort him. I was wracked with guilt. I cried and cried and knew I had to do something; this was the final straw.”

She considered weight loss surgery but looked for another way and found The 1:1 Diet.

“At the time I thought that it wouldn’t work but I was willing to try anything at this point. I will be forever grateful that I did. It has changed my life!

“I contacted a couple of Consultants, then found Rebecca Heasman on Instagram. I messaged and asked her to support me. Rebecca explained The 1:1 Diet Plan to me and talked about what I would need to do and what her commitment was to me.

“We gelled instantly, and I have never looked back.”

This worked even though Rebecca lived hundreds of miles away from Debbie.

“I would place an order and Rebecca would send out. It worked like clockwork. We called religiously on a Thursday to check in and have a catchup and I would send my scale pics on a Monday. “Something clicked with this diet plan that has never clicked with any other and the weight started to go, and it kept going. Week after week, the numbers went down and my confidence went up.”

Debbie said The 1:1 Diet has changed her life immeasurably.

“I am out walking, playing and I’ve even climbed a tree or two with my grandkids! When we were out walking in the woods a few weeks ago my grandson - the one who I couldn’t get to when he fell - said ‘Granny you are a really fast runner now’ and once more I cried and cried. But this time it was not shame, it was pride.”