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David lost seven stones when he was told couldn’t drive his new car

David Forbes couldn’t wait to drive his brand new shiny Jaguar . . . but then his doctor had bad news.

David’s continual snoring and drifting off to sleep any time, anywhere (including at traffic lights) was diagnosed to be obstructive sleep apnoea and he was told he couldn’t drive.

“I was gutted, especially because I’d just bought myself a new Jag,” he said. “I’d known something was wrong because I was tired all the time and had even drifted off to sleep at the traffic lights.

“I couldn’t drive until the CPAP machine started working and driving was an essential part of my job, so I was very concerned."

David hated wearing the CPAP machine. 

“I found it really horrible so said to my consultant, ‘if I lose weight, will it get better?’

He said he couldn’t make any promises but it was worth trying.”

David hadn’t given his weight any thought until then, even when he’d been dumped.

“I’d been chucked because of my snoring and, to be honest, I can’t blame her really as when the hospital monitored me, I was waking myself up 36 times an hour without knowing. Normal levels are five to six times.”

David’s friend successfully lost weight on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan so he decided to give it a go and signed up with Consultant Claire Cooper.

“Claire’s fantastic,” he said. “Her support and Facebook group were so encouraging of one another and made me want to stay on Plan.”

Within three months of starting the diet, David’s sleep apnoea was gone and his weight continued to drop.

“It was incredible. I was going through a new pair of jeans every 10 to 14 days!”

David also had to buy some new motorbike gear so he could ride his BMW R1200S.

“I’ve fitted into much smaller motorcycle gear and my mobility is so much better on the bike itself.”

David is dating someone else now too: “She met me when I was still big so I know she’s not with me because I’m now slim and I really don’t blame my ex for chucking me because I wouldn’t have been able to sleep next to someone who snored that much either!”