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Craig talks about why he became a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet

Craig Fisher, 43, lost more than nine stone on Plan and became a Consultant to help change lives. He’s found that his business has grown during lockdown as he has had more time to focus on it.

 “When coronavirus and lockdown happened, I was furloughed from my job as a head chef from a leading restaurant,” said Craig.

“This gave me ample time to work on growing my business. I was already a Silver Award Consultant, but my aim is to reach Gold. I want to push myself and reach for the top.

“I began by recruiting friends and family who had asked me how I’d lost weight and were interested in going on Plan themselves. This was a simple thing to do as I already had a connection with this group and they felt at ease with me. Then, through word-of-mouth, my business began to grow.

“I concentrated on building a strong social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. When I was on furlough, I had time to enhance my YouTube channel. I placed diet hacks on my videos and asked for feedback. This really helped amplify my business throughout lockdown. I also have a lively WhatsApp group, where I provide daily motivational support.

“Working on my business has helped keep my mind active and provided extra income for my family too, which is always a bonus. I gained 13 new clients during lockdown as well, which is fantastic.

“I’ve also had the time to sort out my office space - in my dining room - and bought shelves to showcase all the products.

“I usually schedule my appointments for Sunday and Monday. I deliver products to my clients the day before their weigh-ins so they have enough for the week.

 “This gives me the chance to find out how they are feeling. Are they drinking enough water, for instance, are their clothes feeling less tight, have they gone down a dress size? It’s also a good time to meet some of my newer clients who have joined during lockdown.

“The 1:1 Diet offers lots of incentives and opportunities for Consultants to help them build their businesses. Incentives for Consultants also come with rewards – one of which I’ve already achieved over the past four months! I’ve also got at least three people looking to get onto Consultant training which is fantastic.

“I’d love to do this job full time and to become a Diamond Champion Consultant. I really believe if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Even during lockdown my client base has grown and I’ve also acquired two new Consultants in my team.

“I’m very excited about the future."Craig's kindly given us a sneak peak into his daily life as a Consultant - take a look at the video!

Craig's working day

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