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Cecilia lost more than four stone and can now walk her dog with ease

Losing more than four stone on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan means Cecilia Holohan can now walk her much-love Pug-cross, Lola, without feeling puffed out.

“I can now take Lola for long walks without feeling out of breath now I’ve lost weight,” said Cecilia, 55.

“I can walk up from five to eight kilometres in one go, which was close to impossible a year ago”.

Cecilia began putting on weight during the first lockdown.

“It was around the first lockdown when I started to notice that my clothes felt tight; I was squeezing into them.  I’d been slowly putting on weight over time and was horrified to see I was tipping the scales at 15 stone.”

She knew that she needed to lose the weight and had been on Plan before, 10 years ago.

“I had been on Plan a while ago and lost two stone easily, so I decided to look for a local Consultant. I love the philosophy of the one-to-one support and needed to stay focused.”

She found Consultant Tonya Barron on the website.

“I managed to meet up with Tonya just before the second lockdown and we immediately hit it off. I was also pleasantly surprised by the sheer range of products available.

“Tonya and I forged a plan. We decided that I would try going on Plan for a month and look at little weight loss goals. Within the first week, I’d lost 10 pounds.

“Some weeks I would only lose a pound or two, but then I’d lose more on other weeks. Tonya was there all the way, cheering me on and keeping me focused.

“I started on Step 1a and kept on that Step for 12 weeks. Then I went on Step 2 for a week but then went back on to Step 1a. I’m now back on Step 2 which is great, as I am allowed an evening meal.”

Cecilia worked as an operations manager for Paddy Power.

“I decided to take some time out to help my son get through his exams. Then the pandemic hit and a few weeks off turned into a few months.

“I have always loved rugby and have been involved with Terenure College rugby club so when the club manager position was advertised, I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, all the sports clubs closed down so I required a new challenge.

“Tonya had mentioned about becoming a Consultant as she thought I’d be perfect. I could run the business part-time, along with my role at the Terenure College Rugby Club when everything re-opens.”

Cecilia loved the idea and finished her training in February. She now has six clients.

“I have managed to acquire six clients through advertising on Instagram and Facebook. I’m hoping, once the restrictions have lifted, that I’ll be able to acquire many more people.”


Cecilia's transformation