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Car mechanic loses an incredible 10 stone in a year

Loughborough-based car mechanic, Joshua Storey, is celebrating an incredible 10 stone weight loss achieved in only one year with The 1:1 Diet.

And now the 27-year-old can actually fit into the cars he fixes and has found love to boot!

“I could no longer fit into the cars to move them around - I had to ask a colleague every time one needed moving,” said Joshua.

“It was so embarrassing, and I hated doing it, but it was a vicious cycle and I just kept on eating as food is always what I turned to for comfort.”

Joshua’s weight severely impacted his personal life and had done since childhood. He experienced bullying at school, which lead to him feeling socially isolated and lacking confidence.

“A family friend had recently started on The 1:1 Diet, and that inspired me to give it a try.

“I liked the idea of not having to think about what I was eating, something I knew would be a struggle if I tried to lose weight on my own as there were always too many temptations.

“I contacted my Consultant, Susan Cresswell, and as soon as we met, we hit it off straight away; I couldn’t wait to get started!

“I walked out of her office having topped 25 stone, with a bag full of magic that was going to change my life.

“With the support of my Consultant, I quickly began to lose weight, but also feel more energized, noticing a significant difference at work.

“Both my Consultant and work colleagues encouraged me the whole way through and constantly congratulated me as the weight dropped off. I can now do my job properly and fit in the cars!

“It’s not just at work where the difference has been notable. I’ve become so much happier and more confident in myself, allowing me to enjoy an unrestricted social life.

“Since starting on The 1:1 Diet I’m in my first ever serious relationship, and I feel that I can now go out by myself as I’m no longer being stared at everywhere I go - and if I am, it’s for the right reasons!

“After 11 months on Plan I’d managed to lose 10 stone, going from 25 stone to 15 stone.

“I’m extremely proud of myself and what I’ve achieved. Starting on The 1:1 Diet is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. My only regret is I never did it sooner.”

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