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Becoming a mum was a magical gift for Claire

“I did The 1:1 Diet about six years ago and it was successful with me losing two stones. Fast forward a few years and I started to feel a niggle on one side.

“I went to the NHS and ended up having an operation because my tubes were blocked as I had endometriosis.

“They took away my fallopian tubes so I had to have IVF and was told I needed to find an egg donor.

“I went through two rounds of IVF in the UK, which were both unsuccessful, so I ended up going to Spain for the third round, which worked.

“I was told it wouldn’t be easy and was too scared to exercise in case I lost the baby. I ended up putting on three stones in the pregnancy and that’s a lot on someone who is only five foot tall.

“I was desperate to lose the weight after I’d had Verity and contacted Consultant Cindy Russell. She told me I needed to wait until I’d had my post-natal six-week check-up and could then start on Plan three months after I’d had Verity, which I did.

“It didn’t take me long – four months – to lose three stone on Step 2 and that included a holiday with the girls in between. Cindy’s one-to-one support throughout helped me shift the weight and keep it off.

I’ve maintained my weight loss for more than a year.”

Claire became a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet in March 2019.

“I stopped being a make-up artist a long time ago when I knew my fertility was a problem and became a Consultant.

“I love it. Verity’s a magical gift and very precious to me and with this job I can still be at home and see her and make some money.

“I started an Instagram page about my business and that’s been a great way of telling everyone what I do for a living.

“The 1:1 Diet is the only thing that’s ever worked for me and I’m enthusiastic about it and love the products.

“Being able to sell them as a Consultants it great and it’s the easiest money I’ve ever made!”

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