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Becoming a Consultant changed Amy's life

Amy Collins tells us why she became a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and the difference it’s made to her life.

Why did you become a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet? 

I was already on Plan and decided to become a Consultant for a few reasons. I needed to motivate myself to stay on Plan, reach my goal weight and stay focused.

It also meant that I could buy products at cost for myself and working from home meant I no longer had to worry about childcare. 

“I’ve been overweight after having three children, and I knew how it felt every morning waking up and feeling so down about the way I looked. The 1:1 Diet  changed my life after I lost four stone in four months. I wanted to be able to help others in the way my Consultant helped me. 

“Sticking to any diet is hard, but by having a The 1:1 Diet cheer-er-onner, I felt supported and motivated to reach my goal! I wanted to make a difference and it’s the best feeling making new friends and being a part of their weight loss journey.” 

Did you always want to be your own boss? 

“I always wanted to be my own boss and own my own little business but I never in a million years imagined it would happen! I still love nursing part-time, but I equally LOVE being my own boss  ..

. . . choosing the hours I want to work to suit our family life. I’ve never missed a school play, the Christmas concert or picking my children up from school.”

Do you make a decent living out of this business? 

“I have been a Consultant for two years now and have a team of 45 amazing downlines over three generations, which is incredible. My sponsorship bonus pays our mortgage and all our bills, with lovely family holidays thrown in too. I love being able to bring in a decent wage and treating my family.

“However, I have worked very hard to build this up, and get so much self-satisfaction. I like to think I am a supportive Sponsor, always approachable, which I believe has helped with my ongoing success. If you want it bad enough, you will make it. Keep plugging away and reach for the stars!”

What are the key attributes that make you a successful Consultant?

“I believe I am extremely driven, highly motivated, approachable, flexible, friendly, ambitious, always looking for new opportunities to benefit my business. 

“There’s a great quote I truly believe in, ’Love your business and it will love you back‘ and, even during quiet times, I always try and stay positive and upbeat  . . . never giving up hope, and working even harder to get my name and The 1:1 Diet name out there.”

How have you changed your business model during COVID-19? 

“I have offered free virtual weigh-ins via FaceTime and Zoom, and daily support via social media, and WhatsApp. I've had to adapt to the Government guidelines, which has been challenging but also rewarding. My contact with people has not suffered by not having face to face meetings. It’s pushed me to work harder and change the way I work. I have a list of clients and new team members, and I jot down the days I need to contact them and their weigh-in days.”

What key challenges have you had to face during lockdown? 

“Having three young children at home for six months, home schooling, and working part-time at the hospital has been exhausting. However, I have never lost my direction with The 1:1 Diet, and it is the busiest I've ever been. It has kept me focused and passionate in remaining successful. I drink a lot of coffee to keep me going and I love a planner (every day I plan my day and write a list of my jobs/ to do's/team and slimmers to touch base with).”

How have you managed to maintain sales throughout the crisis? 

“I've offered incentives, printed off new weight loss charts, which I laminate and give to my slimmers to keep them motivated, and special offers (everyone loves a deal and a bargain, and it can be something as simple as buying four for the price of three water flavourings). I offer one-to-one support daily, motivational WhatsApp messages and have a secret slimmers’ group. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve tried to keep all my dieters motivated. I also sent all my current and past slimmers little cards to let them know I was thinking of them through this tough time. 

“It’s really important in times of trouble to keep enthusiastic and positive. I’m passionate about what I do and how I can help change people’s lives. Staying keen and upbeat has helped me win new business.”

What have been your career highlights at The 1:1 Diet? 

“Winning Gold Leader was the most incredible experience and no words can describe the feeling of being called upon the stage to collect my award. The music, the cheering, the lights . . . I felt like I was a winner on The X-Factor!

“I love a competition and it drives me to push myself harder. I have also won the One Vision and the One Leap Incentive this year, Gold Champion 2019 and 2020 (with amazing five star holidays as our reward), The Rising Stars Award, the Step Up meal competition and The One Incentive.

“I am so proud of my achievements in the past two years, and feel it's an amazing reflection of all my hard work. Head Office is amazing at rewarding us and it’s such a great feeling knowing your hard work is noticed and appreciated.” 

What words of encouragement would you give anyone considering a career change at the moment? 

“To be driven to achieve, to overcome objections and turn them into opportunities, to focus on the amazing products and Plan, and learn how to promote the benefits of becoming a Consultant. Be flexible with goals and times for your slimmers and always motivate and encourage better results.

“This is the perfect time to become a Consultant as all training is offered online so there are no travel expenses to pay to attend a study day. The teaching is so interesting and you can build your business to have slimmers all over the UK, Ireland, Austria and Germany, work from home in your spare time, and it's only £200 set up fee. Honestly, just go for it! What have you got to lose? It’s the best decision I ever made.”

What do you think the future holds for your business? 

“I aspire to be a fabulous Diamond one day; that's my dream. My husband’s aspiration for me is to be earning enough so he doesn't have to leave us six months of the year to go away offshore for work.

Amy’s three top tips for being a successful Consultant

  1. Get your name out there! Social Media is your best friend and it’s free. Sign up to every single platform. Post daily.. My group posts three times a day and create that dieters and potential downlines want to see to motivate them. Get as many reviews as you can for your pages as potential slimmers love to see your fabulous reviews. 
  2. Treat all your clients like gold - Celebrate their successes and support them through their tough times. Always have an open-door policy, as the chances are, they will always come back. Reward them, applaud them and be THE ONE for them. 
  3. Love your job - Positivity breeds positivity, so if slimmers see your passion for The 1:1 Diet, they will want to jump on board and either start their weight loss journey with you or join your team. Happiness is contagious, so even if you are having a bad day- keep smiling and be there for your client.