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A Day in the Life of a Consultant

Ever wondered what it’s like being an independent Consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan? 

Consultant Jacqui Dempsey, who won New Consultant of the Year at our Annual Convention in November 2016, shares a typical, action-packed day in her life. We love how she manages to see so many clients AND still squeeze in some quality family time AND a cheeky little shopping trip…

5.30am – Rise, shine and a mug of coffee. First thing I do is prepare my clients’ orders for the day. Today I’m seeing 18 clients and a new starter. Before I leave the house I sort out my dog!

7am – Set off to see my first client at 7.15am as they need to squeeze me in before work. It isn’t a long appointment as I speak to them every day; they’re very focused and on track, which is great to see.

7.30am – Send a motivational message and text to all my clients – it helps keep them start the day in a positive mind set!

7.35am – My first Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts go out. I post regularly on social media to promote my business and support my current clients.

Back-to-back appointments until 11.45am. I manage to fit in 10 clients all within a 15-mile radius of each other. Phew!

12.15pm – Pick up my 16-year-old daughter, Emily, for some lovely mother-daughter bonding time. I love that my job gives me the flexibility to fit in family time during my working day… how many jobs can you say that about?

After lunch – Post a few more social media posts out before visiting two clients in a new area, 50 miles away and a two-hour drive. Emily keeps me company on the journey and I drop her at a friend’s house so she can chat about proms, make-up and other stuff.

My visit goes really well. The daughter is 23, but hasn’t left the house for six years due to agoraphobia caused by bullying. Her mum and counsellor believe she will feel better in herself if she loses some weight. She’s been on Plan for three weeks and lost a stone and a dress size. She is smashing it and it makes my heart swell! She’s already changing and has opened a secret Instagram account so she can follow me.

3.30pm – Back to Brentwood for another appointment. A client who successfully maintains, still buys products from me and stays within her goal weight. She’s a superstar!

4pm – Pop to the bank to pay in today’s takings and a quick mooch round the shops. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I purchased anything though…

5pm – Home with an hour free before my evening appointments. Walk the dog for 20 minutes and catch up with my husband, who is back from work. He drives me to see my clients in the evening.

7pm – Last appointment is a new client referred by another client. Referrals are the key to success of my business; my clients are always recommending me to their friends and family, which helps me know I’m doing a great job.

I meet with a beautiful girl getting married next year who wants to be a size eight in her dress. She has six stone to lose – hopefully another  success story for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan in the making!

8.15pm – Home to share some more social media posts. I love to share before and after pictures, especially on a Friday night to show my slimmers all dressed up and looking glam before they go out.

10pm – My slimmers may be glammed up, but on Friday night I’m in my Batman PJs blogging about my day, unwinding and ready to start again tomorrow.

I love my job!

If you’re looking for ultimate job satisfaction, flexibility to help you find the right work/life balance for you, or a new career opportunity, why not look into becoming an independent Consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan?