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Festive weight loss - Top tips for staying on plan during the Christmas period

Enjoy Christmas on plan

The festive season can be a challenging time for hitting and maintaining weight-loss goals, with so many temptations and seasonal treats on offer, sometimes it can be hard to resist over-indulging. This handy little guide is packed with top tips to help you stay on track this Christmas. Plus, you have the one-to-one support from your Consultant, so can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

23 top tips for staying on plan

1. Shop mindfully: even if they’re tempting, steer clear of special deals on high-calorie goodies.

2. Before you make a purchase, take a peek at the labels – lots of beloved Christmas treats can sneak in extra fat and calories.

3. Keep only what you truly need in your fridge and cupboard.

4. Get into the festive spirit by planning your menus well ahead of Christmas! Don’t forget to add in some delicious low-fat foods and cooking techniques that will delight both you and your loved ones

5. Make sure to enjoy plenty of fresh veggies – they’re like crunchy bites of goodness! They’ll keep you feeling full and even make for great, healthy snack options.

6. Plan out your food shopping list ahead of time and stick to it.

7. Resist the urge to continuously nibble on bowls of nuts and crisps – those sneaky calories can add up quickly! – our POP Squares are a great alternative at only around 100kcals a packet.

turkey curry pop squares crisps

8. Pay attention to your beverage choices. Alcohol can be quite calorie-packed. How about experimenting with our delightful water flavourings to create a mocktail? There are a variety of flavours for you to enjoy!

9. Take a moment before reaching for that extra serving – ask yourself if you’re genuinely hungry or just eating because it’s there.

10. If you have any worries or are just looking for a little motivation, reach out to your Consultant; they’re there to support you and can offer guidance on flexing your Plan to suit you.

11. Keep an eye on how much you’re dishing out. Opt for a smaller plate – it’s a clever way to prevent any accidental overindulgence!

12. Cozy up to Christmas movies with a packet of Orange & Ginger bites, a delightful choice over the usual popcorn!

orange and ginger bites diet

13. Give your chocolate shake a cozy twist by adding hot water – it’s like having a little secret hot chocolate indulgence!

14. Stay on track of your hydration – make sure you’re sipping 2.25 liters or 4 pints each day. And guess what? Hot black tea or coffee can chip in too! Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also keeps you toasty. Double win!

15. Always remember, it’s perfectly fine to kindly decline with a “no thank you.” Your choices are important, and asserting yourself is a wonderful form of self-care.

Party Tips

christmas party on a diet

16. Don’t go hungry beforehand just because you’re looking forward to a big celebration!

17. If you find yourself next to a bowl of crisps, nuts, or snacks, feel free to either relocate the snacks or shift your seat a bit.

18. Dancing is such a fun and sociable way to burn calories! So instead of getting tempted by nibbles, why not have a blast on the dance floor throughout your evening?

19. When you’re picking from the menu, feel free to ask the waiter about how a dish will be prepared or cooked. This way, you can steer clear of fatty or fried options.

christmas dieting

20. Stay away from “all you can eat” buffets, which can be really tempting even for those with the strongest willpower.

21. If you’re heading out with friends, consider picking a restaurant from the increasing list that displays calorie content on their menu. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what’s best to choose

22. Enjoy a product before heading out socializing. This way, you won’t be overly hungry and tempted to make choices you might regret later. Or, stay one step ahead of cravings by tucking your favorite bar into your bag. That way, you’re armed and ready to conquer any sudden snack urges!

23. FINALLY... Stay ahead of the game when it comes to social gatherings! Take a peek at the restaurant menu before you go – that way, you’re all set and ready to make delicious choices.

Always remember, no matter the season, The 1:1 Diet Consultant you have is your constant source of support. You’re never alone on this journey, and we, and your Consultant are here to help every step of the way!

Remember, if you’ve got a night out coming up, don’t hesitate to chat with your Consultant beforehand. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in planning ahead, ensuring your weight-loss Plan supports your needs.