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It's time to start your own business

Be your own boss and call the shots! Become a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet and start your own business that flexes around your lifestyle. Whether you want to give it a go on a part-time basis or go all-in and hit the ground running, there is a business kit for you. Start your own business from as little as £100!


Don’t I need experience to run my own business?

If you’re a people person who gets on with pretty much everyone you meet, you’ll be perfect. Great Consultants are:

  • Good listeners and communicators

  • Professional and punctual

  • Supportive and motivational

  • Confident and friendly

  • Interested in weight management

Do I need to have done The 1:1 Diet to be a Consultant?

It’s not essential to have done The 1:1 Diet, as long as you have a Consultant to sponsor you. A lot of our Consultants are people whose lives have been totally transformed with The 1:1 Diet, and want to help other have that same life-changing experience. Others are motivated by wanting to do their bit to combat the national obesity crisis – now the UK’s biggest public health concern.

How much does it cost?

Your Essentials Training course is just £50 (€57.50). Once you've passed your Accreditation, you’ll pay a set up cost of as little as £100 (€117.50), inclusive of your Essentials Training course cost. That will give you a range of tasty Products plus more, in your Starter Kit, to get your business going.