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Hi, I'm Anne!

Grow, change, succeed!

I am in my 9th year as a Consultant and continue to work hard on the service I provide.I've never really felt like I am working compared to all the other jobs I did as I never have two days the same.

Winning an excellent service award in 2018 and a hidden hero award in 2022 wete definitely highlights  of my career as it was feedback from fellow consultants as well as clients that led me there. Confirmation that I am good at what I do and I am valued by others. 

Watching people transform their health, happiness and confidence is very VERY powerful and I pinch myself sometimes as this is me at work.

When someone walks through your door with their shoulders down and they struggle to meet you eye to eye and you just immediately understand the mental struggle you have the power at your fingertips to help them see the solution and facilitate their success by giving them everything they need. You are the farmer planting those seeds then you have the joy of watching your garden bloom.

I have and will always say it is such a privilege to be part of something so personal.

Two years in to being a Consultant I then decided my passion for this plan meant I needed as many people as possible to train and do what I was doing in their own unique way. There is such an obesity pandemic in our world and many people need the privacy and the safety of their own little bubble with you so they can work their magic.

I now also have a passion for training and helping fellow consultants achieve great success.

Is it difficult? The honest answer is yes it will challenge you, it will change you and it will lift you. 
Enjoy your own journey through training and building with me right beside you cheering you on.

Growth is never by mere chance: it is the result of forces working together.