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Hi, I'm Nicki!

A Transformative Journey!

Embark on a Transformative Journey to Better Health with Me!

I am thrilled that you have chosen me to guide you towards a healthier, happier life. As a consultant for almost 10 years, I have helped hundreds of people just like you achieve their wellness goals.

My own personal experience with Endometriosis, Hysterectomy, and Menopause has given me a deep understanding of the challenges you may face. I've been there, and I know first hand the struggles of being a "yo-yo dieter." But then I had a life-changing realization: I could flip those habits and take control of my health.

I stopped making excuses and faced the fact that long-term changes were necessary. Instead of focusing solely on the end goal, I started to concentrate on the small, sustainable habits that would lead me to success. It wasn't just about how I looked; it was about my overall well-being. With a family history of diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease, I knew I had to take action to prevent following in their footsteps.

My approach is simple: "What would a healthy person do?" This mindset shift has helped me make better choices, from walking instead of driving to choosing water over sugary drinks. I've surrounded myself with reminders, like sticky notes in my weak spots, to keep me on track.

Together, we'll work one-on-one to change your mindset and create new, lasting habits. You have to want it, and you have to put in the work, but I'm here to support you every step of the way. With my Better Health Mindset Mastery program, you'll not only lose the weight but keep it off for good.

Don't wait any longer. Reach out to me on WhatsApp today, and let's start your transformative journey to better health!

07871 876323 

I'm Nicki, I've lost 5 Stone!

Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 20 weeks Time maintained: 6 years
From 15 stones 11 lbs
To 10 stones 11 lbs

We will work together to form a personalised plan that will work for the long term.