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The 1:1 Diet Weight-Loss Success Stories

Putting your trust into a diet is a scary thought, but here at The 1:1 Diet we have our own unique recipe for success that is proven to work…supportive People, a trusty Plan and lots of nutritious Products!

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Our Plan has lots of inspiring weight-loss success stories, because our diet is focused on YOU.

Firstly, you choose your personal diet Consultant who will create a Plan to fit your lifestyle and give you delicious Products to suit your tastes. If you keep on track with your Consultant’s support, you will see the weight drop off!

The Plan

But how can I be sure The 1:1 Diet will work?

The 1:1 Diet, formally known as The Cambridge Diet was created and tested by expert nutritionists and researchers, which means it is scientifically proven to encourage weight loss. Our research has also been published by the NHS and the British Medical Journal. And if all that’s not enough, our blog is packed full of real-life weight-loss success stories of people who have changed their life by following our Plan with the help of their amazing Consultants.

What do successful dieters have in common?

  • A goal in mind – it’s important to set yourself goals when starting a diet. Most of our diet success stories break their big goal down into manageable targets, which helps them to reach that end result.
  • A change of mindset – to succeed, you have to be willing to commit to a lifestyle change. Remember how important this is for you and your health!
  • Asking for support – successful dieters are not afraid to ask for help. With The 1:1 Diet, you can lean on your Consultant when you are feeling like you can’t do it or you need some extra encouragement. They are there to cheer you on every step of the way, and make sure you cross that finish line!
  • A reason – most dieters have a reason for starting, and this is what will carry you through the hard times. Your reason might be wanting to feel more body confident or even wanting to improve your health. No matter what the reason is, make sure you hold on to it!

Check out our inspiring diet success stories to see how one-to-one support, meal replacement products and a flexible Plan has worked for others…

Before losing more than 18 stone, Nathan Ranklin struggled to walk and breathe. Now he’s walking, riding a bike and ditched the breathing machine.

Read his story

Leonie used to worry about shopping for clothes and felt frumpy, now she’s full of energy and confidence.

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Jess can now run around after her little boy after losing weight on The 1:1 Diet.

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