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Our tasty meals

We have a wide range of meals available, designed to keep you healthy during your weight loss. Meal times don't need to be boring when you're on a diet!

If it's Italian night you could make up our Spaghetti Bolognese Flavour Pasta. If you fancy a comforting classic treat to yourself why not try our Macaroni Cheese Pasta? Or perhaps you fancy a dish to remind you of your travels? If so, our Chicken Tikka Style Curry or Thai Green Style Curry with Noodles would be perfect! These are all yummy, nutritionally complete meal replacement products you can consume on any step of The 1:1 Diet Plan, plus they're quick and easy to make!

We also have a range of Step Up MealsĀ® too, perfect from Step 2 and above. These aren't meal replacement products so are a great way of introducing everyday food into your diet or for when you're trying to maintain your new weight. Plus, they're really easy to make: pop them in the microwave for two minutes, give them a quick stir, put them back in for 40 seconds and ta-dah! What's more, even those not on Plan can enjoy these delicious meals.

All of our tasty meals allow you time to relax and enjoy meal times with your family, whilst still achieving great weight loss with support from your Consultant.

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Green Pesto Flavour Pasta with Prawns

For a tasty twist on this Italian classic, try our Green Pesto Flavour Pasta MRP with prawns.

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Mexican Night: Nachos with Spicy Beef Chilli

We have come to the rescue and created a lighter version of your favourite chilli topped nachos, with tasty low-fat chilli and reduced-fat cheese.

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