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Hi, we're Toni & Liz !

Lose weight with us!



Welcome to our webpage. Are you fed up with the way you look, want to wear what you want, not what you have to and have tried all the other routes to lose weight? This is a very simple diet plan tailored around you and will transform you. This plan is so easy and it works! We can help you to lose weight.

We have adapted to deal with COVID safely by having both in person, virtual consultations or doorstep and postal deliveries. We're flexible around you.

If you need or want to lose weight, then you should follow this plan. The only diet with your own personal 1:1 consultant. We will be there to cheer you on all the time. No group sessions, just your own personal consultant. Whatever lifestyle or shift patterns you have, we will tailor a plan perfect for you. 

Included in the cost of the products are:

* Your 1:1 weekly virtual or in person consultation and weigh in

* Free delivery of your products

* 1:1 Support and motivation throughout the week from me via text, messenger and phone calls

* Friendly, confidential and non judgemental advice

* Set your own goals (everyones 'slim' is different)

* Access to our Private VIP slimmers support Facebook group

Remember, there are no additional costs for any of these benefits. 

We will help and support you until you get all the way to your goal, and to maintain your weight loss after by teaching you how to eat normally without regaining weight.


Depending on your location, you will have either Toni or Liz as your consultant. We are an award winning duo with more than 11 years consultancy between us. 

We have done it, now we are passionate in helping you do it!

Just give this diet plan a chance and see how quickly and easily you can lose weight! 


Contact us now for more information or to book an appointment:

Toni 07740 345315

Liz 07976 376241

We will be there every step of the way no matter what.             

Together we can get you feeling amazing.

This is the simplest diet and does work! What have you got to lose? Contact us.