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Our Services

  • We offer free consultations
  • We offer mobile visits
  • We work from home
  • We work from a business premises
  • We offer daytime consultations
  • We offer weekend consultations
  • We offer evening consultations
  • We accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, we're Matthew & Kevin !

Are you READY to change?

We offer Face-2-Face in our CLINIC'sVIRTUAL or MOBILE appointments to help get to your goal and IMPROVED LIFE you want!

We are Multi-Award-Winning Consultants with 14 Years Experience and have an unmatched track record for getting slimmer’s to goal including "MAINTAINER OF THE YEAR 2017” & “LIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR 2019” UK Slimmer Winners!

See our Slimmer Winners story’s;

Sarah -

Mandy -


Matt- "After spending most of my life as a typical “yo-yo dieter” and struggling with my weight I have tried almost all diets, none suited me until in 2008 I ended up my heaviest and in a XXXL shirt and a 56” waist and found The 1:1 Diet.

At my biggest I've was diagnosed with multiple medical issues including stomach ulcers, gallbladder, pancreatitis, hyper-portal veins, spleen removed as well as a 50cm hernia!

The majority of these was because of my weight and diet. I knew I had to make the change and do something QUICK! Once I started, I lost 8 STONE in 22 WEEKS* and 10 STONE since and a Medium size shirt and a 34" waist! I got my life back! I know life throws challenges at us, it depends how you react to them that makes the difference BUT this was the BEST thing I have ever done and never looked back!"

Kevin– After years of suffering with severe IBS and poor diet with the help of our steps it helped get my health back and now a trained NLP/Hypnotherapist & Nutritional Specialist.

With 14 years experience in weight-loss and weight management, we specialise in getting you those strategies that really make the difference and help you achieve your goals!

Whatever your reasons for losing there is a plan suitable for you! 

We believe wholeheartedly in the plan and understand the extreme importance of the right support for you.


What we offer:

  • Dedicated clinics in Wolverhampton, Penkridge & Stafford 
  • Daily support when YOU need it!
  • Medical Body Composition Analyser.
  • Dedicated dieter support app.
  • Full support to your target, maintenance & aftercare
  • Most importantly our proven track records, experience and commitment to help you achieve your results.


Our Achievement's:

  • UK New Consultants of the Year 2010
  • Highly Commended 2010
  • UK Top 50 Champions & Gold Champion 8 Times
  • Multiple UK Slimmer Shortlisted and Celebrated Slimmer’s 

Here to help you achieve your DREAMS!


Matt & Kevin


Meet Matt!

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 22 weeks Time maintained: 11 years
From 21 stones 12 lbs
To 11 stones 7 lbs

Meet Kevin

Height: 5' 9" Time to lose: 3 weeks Time maintained: 13 years
From 11 stones 7 lbs
To 10 stones 6 lbs

With an AWARD Winning Formula for Success Waiting for YOU!