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Sylwia is finally dressed to impress!

Hayes-based Sylwia Kowalik is celebrating being confident enough to wear her first dress at the age of 42 after losing five stone with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Polish-born Sylwia decided to contact her local Consultant, Ewelina Sokalska, as a last attempt to budge the extra weight she had gained over many years.

Sylwia said: “I had so many health problems before starting on The 1:1 Diet. Not only was I overweight, but it also impacted my walking. I was breathless, exhausted, suffered from bad headaches and also a lack of sleep.

“As soon as I started on Plan, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. The support from Ewelina, combined with the ease of the products, made it extremely effective in losing weight and helping me to become happier and more confident.”

“In 11 months, I had lost five stone and my health had never been better.

“I now have more energy to go on long walks to the park and it’s hugely increased my self-confidence. I enjoy socialising and going shopping for new clothes – something I never thought possible before starting on Plan.

“I had never worn a dress before losing the weight. When I was invited to a photo shoot for The 1:1 Diet, the stylist encouraged me to wear a dress and I couldn’t believe how good it looked.

“Dresses and skirts never suited me before and I also never had the confidence to wear them in public. I have now bought my own dresses and love the way they look on me!”

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