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Couple lose over seven stone together and reverse type 2 diabetes

Scottish couple Renee McBride and Bruce Elliott are celebrating a life-altering weight loss, with Bruce also reversing his symptoms of type 2 diabetes and reliance on his medication.

Bruce said: “I was overweight from a very young age and diabetes has always been a concern in my family. My mother suffered from type 2 diabetes and, sadly, she passed away due to complications of the condition.

“I was further motivated to change my lifestyle when my best friend, Joe, was diagnosed with leukaemia - he was unable to have treatment due to other health problems and sadly died shortly after diagnosis.

“Following Joe’s death, I knew how important it was for me to improve my physical health, should anything happen to me that would require treatment – I was then extremely motivated to make a change.”

In a chance encounter, Bruce and Renee met their Consultant Mark Hannigan, where Mark was discussing how The 1:1 Diet had helped him reverse his diabetes symptoms and sleep apnoea, inspiring him to become a Consultant himself.

“Mark’s support was invaluable to our success and in just 35 days on the weight-loss Plan, I was taken off my diabetes medication completely – we were thrilled! Previously this included twice daily injections of Insulin plus Metformin. I have lost three stone nine pounds and I’m so happy to be in better health for myself and Renee!”

Renee, 64, who was 17 stone at her heaviest, has also successfully lost three stone twelve pounds while following The 1:1 Diet and dropped from dress size 24 to 16.

Renee, a clinical advanced hypnotherapist, said: “I wanted to lose weight after discussing the dangerous link between poor diet and cancer with a colleague, who is an oncology scientist, as well as noticing the increasing news headlines on the subject.

“I knew that my health was not the best it could be and didn’t want to risk it declining further.

“We have now lost a combined total of over seven stone and feel better than ever – The 1:1 Diet has made such a huge difference to our lives! It was also a great thing for us to do together.”

Bruce added: “I’m glad to be sticking around to be the thorn in Renee’s side for that little bit longer!”

Renee and Bruce have now become The 1:1 Diet Consultants themselves, helping to inspire others on their weight loss and health journey.

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