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Busy mum shifts seven stone and regains her confidence

“When I was in my early 30s I had a series of distressing health problems which knocked my confidence. I had a bilateral mastectomy and then, when I was only 33, I was told I needed a hysterectomy. I felt totally demoralised and distraught, everything that made me a woman had suddenly gone.

“I concentrated on my children and let myself go. I wasn’t eating or drinking the right things at all, and other diets just didn’t work.

“Then, one day in a well-known food shop, the most embarrassing thing happened. A mum had asked her child to look at something. The child said she couldn’t see anything because there was a large lady in the way. I turned around to see who the large lady was? It was me! I was horrified. I knew there and then something had to change.

“I’d heard about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and searched online for a local Consultant. Joanne Collins’ name came up. I looked at her Facebook page and found a host of amazing dieters who she’d helped transform.

“My husband knew I was determined and told me to go for it. Jo has been a lifesaver. She has been on Plan herself, so she knew what I was about to go through. Her support and guidance had been crucial all the way through the process.

“She’s been there for me, even when I had a wobble, and has been cheering me on. We’ve laughed, cried and jumped for joy when I became a shortlisted slimmer last year. Jo has become a firm friend and her support and guidance has been fundamental through my whole weight loss journey.

“During our initial meeting, we discussed my weight loss goals and I told her I wanted to reach my goal weight of 12 stone, which was the weight I was when I got married. Jo decided to put me on Step 2 which allowed me to mix things up with other ingredients shown in the Steps book.

“The Plan was so easy to do. I was overjoyed when the weight began to drop off. I soon went straight past my goal weight and reached 11 stone.

 “Losing the weight has given me the confidence I needed to get out there and be me. I can buy normal clothes, and I can even wear a bikini without feeling self-conscious. The change in me is amazing.

 “I keep fit, swimming up 70 lengths and I can even go on theme park rides with the kids, without thinking they will break.

 “I was so impressed with the results I became a Consultant myself in 2018. The amazing thing is I now have a healthy BMI. I’m full of energy and my relationship with food has completely changed for the better.

“I still check in with Jo regularly, as I feel it's important to keep the one-to-one contact, which helps me stay focused.

“I intend to maintain my weight and help others with their weight loss journey. I love having a positive influence on someone’s life.

“My goal is now to become a Gold Consultant and have my own shortlisted slimmer. How amazing would that be!”