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Hi, I'm Beth!

Let's change lives together!

What have I gained through being a consultant?

Time with family.

Extra income.

New friends and team.

Confidence that I can acheive great things.

Increased knowledge of business and accountancy.

Maintained my weight loss.

A sense of purpose. 

People become consultants for many different reasons but all consultants will agree that building this business has changed their lives in so many ways. I have been a consultant for over 2 years and they have been the best 2 years of my working life. I have been able to drop down to part time hours in my teaching position and have met so many wonderful clients and team members. For a small investment, the return I have got has been incredible (both financially and personally). The 1:1 Diet will alwaqys be a part of my life so I want to share it with as mnay people as possible through consulting and team building. So, who's with me?

Family time, flexibility, income, confidence - what will you gain?