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Hi, we're Nikki & Daniel !

If I can do it - so can you!

Never in a million years did I think I would be able to run my own buisness, but here I am running a successful part-time buisness alongside my main career and with a family of 4 children.. Anything is do-able with the right mindset, support and guidance - and this is what I offer to you.

Haviing worked in a customer focussed career for 30 years, and as a manager, I found that the skills I possessed were transferable into running my own buisness. What I did not know, with the knowledge of colleagues, I learnt really quickly. Everyone is supportive - It really is a company like no other. By becoming a One2One Diet Consultant it has afforded my the opportunnity to pay for my girls extra curricular activities, holidays and additional treats which otherwise I would not. My family has benefited from the part time hours I work.. 

Becoming a One2One Diet consultant gives you the opportunity of being your own boss with the flexibility to work the hours you want, whilst supporting others. The set up cost is low and there is the opportunity to grow your business to whatever size you want. There is no pressure and you are in control.I am here to support, guide and motivate you to achieve what you want.

Whilst experiencing the One2One Diet Plan yourself is a bonus, it is not essential as you will get informative mandatory training from Head Office, In addition to this training I will ensure you have additional continuous training before,,during and ongoing - you will never be alone. Whatever support you need I am here. That's what makes it unique and bespoke as it is individual to you. 

Whether you want to have a sole income, a secondary income (run your buisness alongside your normal career) or buy direct yourself - it really is all about you.

Recognition and rewards from the company are amazing! Within the past few years I have won numerous in house awards and incentives with my buisness  including recognition of highly commended, guided star, overnight accommodation, vouchers  Michael Kors watch, Pandora Bracelet and 2 sets Seca Scales. I had an all paid trip to London to feature in a magazine, as well as my slimmers. 

Contact me today to discuss this exciting opportunity further and I will happily answer any questions that you have.

Nikki x


Build yourself a great story - just give yourself the opportunity!