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Hi, I'm Vicky!

Want to be a Roberts Ruby?

Life continues to been strange with plenty of ups and downs making many of us re-evaluate what is most important to us.

After being a part time consultant for a couple of years I became fully self employed in 2021 to allow me to work around looking after my two sons. Is that what you would like to do too?

Are you looking for a new opportunity and want to take your life in a new direction?

So how about joining my team "Roberts Rubies", and becoming a consultant for The 1:1 Diet?!

I love being a consultant for The 1:1 Diet for so many reasons….

  • I run a business in the hours I choose
  • I work the around my family and friends
  • I have team support around me to help and support me as and when needed
  • I have, and continue to make, life long friends from the dieters I support
  • I can build my own business at my own speed
  • I make money chatting to people each day
  • The 1:1 Diet HQ provide training and support to keep me up to date and continue to build my business
  • I help people smile with every pound they lose

If all of the above sounds perfect for you and you would like to join the "Roberts Rubies" team give me a shout to apply and get started ASAP!!

Join my team of consultants who love to help people slimmer and sparkle again!