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Hi, I'm Michelle!

Do you want to Lose weight, feel great and maintain?
You have come to the right place! 

Imagine not having to worry about what your going to wear, no pressure of a social meet up,

or packing for a beach holiday. Times have changed since covid, everything feels a little

different and it has been a hugely emotional time. You can now lose weight from the comfort

of your own home with consultations at a time to suit you, or in person from 2 locations in

central Aberdeen.  Distance is no longer a problem.  


The weight loss results are fast and the plan is convenient, super easy and most

importantly tailored to you and your life style. The nutritional rich plan is backed up by

science and my 1:1 support to get you to your goal.   My slimmers on average are losing a

stone in 4 weeks  on plan with my support.


I know your struggle..

My whole life I have yo-yo dieted! Lost weight then got complacant and piled the weight back on and some!! Everyone thought I was confident but I "was" an emotional eater.

Starting my pregnancy at a weight I was already unhappy with, I steadly put weight on through my pregnancy. Being a first time mum I thought it was all just "baby" and seeing celebs drop weight in days or weeks after they give birth I thought it would not be a problem. I got the shock of my life when i realised I had gained A LOT more than the weight of my baby. 

After I had my little boy I didn't even recognise myself!
I did not want to plan my own wedding because of my weight. Finding the one2one diet changed my life and I was able to buy my dream wedding dress 5 sizes smaller.

I so desperatly wanted to lose weight, be happy, fit and healthy for myself and my family.        I really have not looked back since. I have lost 5 stone* and 5 dress sizes.

Get in touch however you feel comfortable via phone, email or social media and I will speak to you soon.


- Multi award winning support and guidance from weight loss to maintenance 

- weekly in person (Abz) or virtual weigh ins and consultation

- support tailored to you

- All product supply