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Hi, we're Jen & Lee !

Life changing role awaits you!

I have always loved helping people and when this business opportunity was presented to me I grabbed it with both hands!

As an Independant 1:1 Diet consultant you are in control of your business. You can work alongside an existing job or become a full time consultant. 

As your sponsors we are always here to support you, as little or as much as you would like. We have open lines of communication with our team members and offer monthly meetings to set and review targets for team members who want this support.

Joining this faboulus network you are never alone. I started my business in 2017 and havent looked back and also brought my husband onboard as a joint consultant in 2019.

The role of a consultant is so rewarding, meeting with slimmers for the first time when they can be at a real low point in their lives. Supporting them on their weightloss journey and seeing them become happier, healthier individuals. 

The same can be said of becoming a sponsor which is an opportunity open to all consultants. You in turn have the opportunity to build a team and support, train and motivate new team members and watch them grow into successful business owners.

This role provides great work life balance and if you are looking to have more time with your family or to leave a stressful 9-5 role this is definatley and opportunity worth taking.


We would love to talk with you more about joining our team!


This Diet is life changing in so many ways and this business opportunity is certainly one of those!