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Hi, I'm Tabitha!

Visionary Leader

HI, I’m  Tabitha and in 2016, I started my buisness with THE One2One Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and I have never looked back.

I am an award winning consultant and I pride myself on exceptitional customer service. I work very hard to ensure I talk directly to my ideal client, this has ensured I have a great buisness which grows year by year. Let me teach you how to get the same.

I LOVE having a team, training is a true passion of mine, I have a background for coaching and I have some fantastic tools in place to make sure you get your business to where you want it to be.

Why Join My Team? Because I realised that when I started my buiness I was jumping into the unknown and had to fully embrace it, I have delt with bumps in the road and adversity. It has to make you. Not break you. And that’s why I now want to help others make it happen. I invested in myself, which I believe is massively important as an buisness person, I have worked in the diet industy for 14 years and there is not much I don't know! 

I am widely known throughout THE One2One communty for my unique and progress ways of working with my team, I get faboulus results as I understand how to help you not only understand the diet industy but also how to brand yourself. 

I treat all of my team as an individual it is up to you how your business is run , but what ever size business you want, where ever in the UK you live, I'm Your Lady

Dreams Are Made Ever Day 

Lets set up a call and have a coffee 





I'm on a mission to help people like you start the business they want today!