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Hi, I'm Lee!

YOUR business with my support

Becoming a consultant over 7 years ago was quite frankly the best thing I have ever done. I knew the 1:1 Diet was special because I had lost good weight following plan with invaluable support from my consultant and I wanted to help other people so they are able to experience that pride and elation when their lives change through losing weight too. Little did I know at that time that the flexibility of the role, the fact I'm setting my own targets and am solely accountable for my own progress and success, the freedom to organize my day, the reward I get from the 'job' (non job), not to mention the income of course would lead me to leave my full time job in 2019. 

Join me and I will support you to build your business every step of the way. You can run this business alongslde another job and use the income as savings, to save for a holiday or even to build a pension fund or you may find like me that you want to take that leap of faith and do it as your main job, but with less hours and less stress ! It's all about you and your personality as there's no hard sell as the 1:1 Diet and its plans sell themselves once people see what amazing results we get.

So, if you want the following please get in touch:

* A rewarding 'job' where you choose your own days and hours of work, decide your own income and take quality time out when YOU want

* Work full time or part time (eg school hours/daytime/evenings/1 day a week) - it's entirely up to you

* Help people every day to find their best versions of themselves - what can be better than knowing you have really made a difference?

*  Win rewards & awards which can lead to exciting travel destinations

* I'll give you lots of support as your Sponsor but you'll also be part of a much wider team which is always on hand to provide help and advice - you'll never be alone on this journey

So dont procrastinate. Get in touch and we'll have a no obligation friendly chat and I can explain how I run my business and what a difference it has made to me & my family. 



Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do