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Hi, I'm Michelle!


Wowzers! what a totally awesome journey I’ve had since becoming a consultant 7 years ago, after completing my own weight loss journey and losing 9.5 stone!

I retired from a professional career to recover from a period of ill health... Then I’d planned on opening a vintage tearoom. However, after supporting several close friends on the One2One Diet, and after seeing my successes, they said you would make a phenomenal consultant with your experiences. That was my lightbulb moment and Michelles Waist Management was born. 

I started my business from a yurt in the garden... I quickly knew I wanted to give my clients above and beyond what they would expect from what is already an established and highly reputable One2One Diet Plan.

My ethos? This isn’t a diet... this is a journey that will help you lose weight healthily, and most importantly to maintain it. So, I opened my first centre with gold standard medical grade full body scanning facilities in 2016 and I have since opened a further 2 centres.

My motto is to live life to “pay it forward”

I get a huge buzz out of seeing my clients succeed in losing weight and my team building their businesses to flourish and prosper, spreading those ripples of positivity and success far and wide.

So what's in it for you?

As your sponsor I will...

offer an in-depth and detailed training program, ensuring you can offer your clients the HIGHEST LEVELS of KNOWLEDGE and SERVICE

always be AVAILABLE to you as needed for support and advice

help you find your uniqueness ensuring you stand out above your competitors 

teach you S.M.A.R.T business techniques and strategies 

I can CONFIDENTLY offer you this because...


I am an OUTSTANDING business coach and mentor, as I'm kind, patient, knowledgeable, persistent, consistent and determined to help you SUCCEED 

I work to the highest PROFESSIONAL and ETHICAL standards.

I am an open book and will share what has failed and succeeded in my business, my HONEST insights will help you avoid making costly mistakes 

I am non judgemental and will support you as an individual 

I INSTINCTIVELY taylor my teaching style to accommodate your individual needs

I am an EXCELLENT MOTIVATOR and LEAD by example 

I am a HIGHLY RESPECTED and INSPIRING consultant within the community 

I look forward to hearing from you




This truly is the most rewarding job ever... Changing peoples lives