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Hi, I'm Louise!

You can be your own boss!

You are reading this as you must be intrigued & wanting to know more about what's involved in becoming a 1:1 Consultant.

Helping others to lose weight is extremely exciting & rewarding. Even better... YOU get to make the decision on how many hours you want to work & put into your business each week to make it fit with your life & family balance without compromise!

• You may choose to buy products at a reduced rate for you to use or to sell just to your friends and family.

• Perhaps you would like to use the opportunity to top up your income in your spare time to allow you to buy those little extras & pay for those long overdue holidays.

• Maybe you don’t like your job and you’re looking for something different to do with your life, you want to be your own boss & make your own decisions?

Whatever your decision, there is a path that will perfectly suit your "why". After buying your starter pack there is no minimum spend requirement each month, you just buy as much (or as little) as you need.

What’s Involved?

You attend an Essentials Training Day which is currently online via a relaxed Zoom Call where you will be provided with the information of what you need to know to become a Consultant. After your training session you have 14 days to complete an online assessment (it’s not hard, and if you have done the diet you will know most of the answers, if not you can ask me for advice, I can help you with this) - Just like your weight loss journey, I am here for your entire journey, you are never alone in this.

What’s The Cost?

To book a place on the training day there is a non-refundable deposit of £50. Once you have passed your on-line assessment you have 30 days to purchase the Starter kit for £150 - this completes the process and makes you a fully accredited Consultant.

The starter kit contains paperwork to help get you started as well as a whopping 230 products. (By selling these at the recommended retail price you could see a potential PROFIT of £418).

Please feel free to call me on 07703 050281 or text/ email any questions at all xx

I'm looking forward to getting you started!

Good Luck!

Love Lou x


Let today be the start of something new!