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Hi, I'm Nikki!

1:1 Dream team, come join us.

Welcome, come join our successful team. The 1:1 dream team. 

I have been a consultant for nearly 6 years and it's been a truly awesome 6 years. Being part of a big team is fantastic as we all help each other and can offer great support. 
I'm a busy very chatty mum and have 2 boys with learning difficulties, being able to work around my family is key for me, on top of that to love what I do and see clients do so well is just amazing. One of my clients who most recently joined the team lost 8 stone and has become a consultant herself. There is no pressure to hit targets only the targets you set for yourself. You can work whenever and however much suits you. 
come and join our amazing and growing team. 

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”