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Hi, I'm Susan!

Best Job Ever !

I live in West Sussex and am looking to build my team.  I work as a consultant alongside another couple of businesses.  I love my roles and seem to have found the perfect balance (must say, it doesn't feel like a 'job' as a 1:1 Diet consultant).

I see up to 30 clients a week and am a 'Gold-level' consultant for the majority of the year. I love the flexibility but try to spend two days seeing clients with additional support and guidance offered during the week.

As a sponsor, I'd welcome you with open arms and would be delighted to share my knowledge, offer advice, brainstorm together and generally help you get off the ground and create the business you're looking for.  Whether you're wanting to be low-key and just see a few clients or whether you're wanting to see 50 clients a week and set up business premises, I'd love to have you on board.  

Happy to chat or meet at any time to give you more information x

Take a chance because you never know how perfect something can turn out !