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Hi, I'm Jodie!

Trust me - this is the one!

I have been a consultant for 10years and have a number of highly successful consultants in my team who have absolutely proved their worth in this business.

You can read through all the different profiles on this 'find a sponsor' page and read how everyone is here to support you and get you to be the biggest most successful weight loss consultant within The 1:1 Diet business world. What I can tell you truthfully - is all my team have created their achievements through their own hard work and determination. I am just here to show them the ropes and support them every step of the way and celebrate every one of their achievements as theirs 

I will show you and help you create yourself to be the best consultant but the profits gained come down to what you are willing to work for. If you are looking to earn a few extra pennies for shopping / weekend trips away / family days out then I will be behind you every step of the way equally if you are looking to earn as a full time and pay off debts / pay for family holidays / save for a house etc then I will also be there for you. After all - you are creating a business to hit your own financial needs, you are the one to determine that but I will be super excited to see you hit those targets.

I myself started as a consultant full time - I went into this business smashing all targets and always aiming higher. I won many awards including; New Consultant of the Year 2015/2016 Sales Champion 2015/2016 DSA New Rising Star 2015/2016 Highly Commended 2014/2015 As well as Slimmer-awards. but the beauty of this business meant that when I had my daughter I could put less hours in until I was ready to go full time again and not once did I need to visit HR, managers or Banks or get permission for changing how I work or where I work from.

With The 1:1 Diet and my support as your sponsor you can make this business what YOU want it to be at the time and it can be adapted so easily to suit what is happening in your life.

As a single mum - This business has given me a life I never thought was possible for us.

Being a single mum - this business has given my daughter & I a life we could never have dreamt of