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Hi, I'm Frances!

Change your life style

Have your own business and earn some extra £££ outside of your day job, or just buy cheaper weight-loss products for yourself.


- Flexibility around your own current commitments

- Work on your own time, not anyone else's

- Change and impact people's lives on a daily

- No pressure to hit targets

- A full or part time income on the side

If any one of these is you, then you are just the kind of person that would thrive in my team.

I've won multiple awards for helping people since 2012, with 9 years experience as a consultant.

Now I'm here to help you become a new consultant, wherever you're based in the UK and Ireland.

I will be here to help, support and advise you from the minute you decide to focus your business, in whichever direction you want to take it. Big or small. Working from home, running your own weight loss clinic or working at the back of business premises - The options are endless.

Consultants are self-employed so you can set your own working hours and fit this job in and around your own lifestyle, to really live.

The large main company runs super incentives for all consultants. I won one recently and am waiting to go to Lake Como in Italy, together with a bus load of fellow consultants, all expenses paid. What a fantastic reward!

This is just one of the many prizes that are being won, just for doing a job that I love.

If you would like an informal chat about joining the team:-

Call Fran on 07999 584935

I love this job because I love meeting people, making new friends.

There's always a reason why someone puts weight on, and I understand that by getting to know them.

It's so emotional helping people change their lives and reach their goal. Often when you help them change 1 thing, everything else falls into place. 

I look forward to meeting you with a smile, because this job truly makes me happy. 


Together we are stronger helping people have a healthy lifestyle.