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Hi, we're Patricia & Amena !

If not now then WHEN ?

I offer you a convieant way to diet by posting you your product's fortnighy or monthly and speaking with you on the phone or face time weekly to motivate you, take your weight to log  and congratulate you as you shed those unwanted kg's lb's and become your authenic self, free of low self esteem, youll be saying yes to invitation's and enjoy shopping for clothe's summer 2024 is showing up for you will you be ready! 

I am a warm relaxed and supportive consultant with 10 year's exsperience and completed and passed all follow up development training. 

  • I offer  consultation's by phone call or Virtual your choice
  • No consultation or admin Fees
  • A free BMI check.
  • weigh- ins you can show me your scale virually or send a wasapp pic weekly
  • Im alway's with you you can ask me question's anyti.e it's like ive moved in with you on your journey your never alone all youhave to do is messsge me and wecan arrange a call wasapp i will answer straight away becauseIve got you ok! ??
  • A thorough introduction to the plan, tailored to your. lifestyle & shift pattern Support and motivation via text, long term weight managment through your/our journey , flexiable appoinment's

Email or wasapp me your name and tell me a little about how you feel now and what you want to achive yo feel your best! And we will create the plan that best suit's you!


Who you are now & who you want to be is only separted by what you do NOW!